Click to enlargeMILK: BEYOND THE DAIRY

Edited by Harlan Walker. 384 pages.



Milk and its Uses in Assyrian Folklore
Michael Abdalla ---------- 9

Milk: Nutritious and Dangerous
Ken Albala ---------- 19

Milk and its Products in Ancient Rome
Joan P. Alcock ---------- 31

The Cheeses of Hokkaido and other Milky Issues in a Ricist Society
Michael Ashkenazi ---------- 39

How the Bengalis Discovered Chhana and its Delightful Offspring
Chitrita Banerji ---------- 48

Touloumotyro: Centuries Old and About to Die
Rosemary Barron ---------- 60

Milk and its By-products in Ancient Persia and Modern Iran
Najmieh Batmangltj ---------- 64

Rabbits, Fondues and Physics
Tony Blake ---------- 74

Milk-borne Diseases: An Historic Overview and Status Report
Fritz Blank ---------- 81

Hawking Milk: The Public Health Profession, Pure Milk,
and the Rise of Advertising in Early Twentieth-century America
Daniel Ralston Block ---------- 86

The Hierarchy of Milk in the Renaissance,
and Marsilio Ficino on the Rewards of Old Age
Phyllis Pray Bober ---------- 93

New York Milk Culture: Some History, Facts and Concerns
Una Bray ---------- 98

Farmhouse Gouda: A Dutch Family Business
Janny de Moor ---------- 107

Milk and Dairy Products in the Roman Period
Carol A. Dery ---------- 117

Carabao Milk in Philippine Life
Doreen C. Fernandez ---------- 126

A Spring-house in Pennsylvania: Design and Use
Rebecca Fitzjohn and Harlan Walker ---------- 137

How Old is Old Cheese?
Gamalost in Coffin-shaped Boxes and Eccentric Jars
Ove Fossa ---------- 144

The Origins of Taste in Milk, Cream, Butter and Cheese
Sarah Freeman and Silvija Davidson ---------- 161

Cato's Roman Cheesecakes: The Baking Techniques
Sally Grainger ---------- 168

Dairy Food in the UAE
Philip Iddison ---------- 178

What’s in a Name? Some Thoughts on the Origins,
Evolution and Sad Demise of Béchamel Sauce
Cathy K. Kaufman ---------- 193

Low-temperature Cheese-making: Ancient Wisdom not Outdated
Lidia Kitrilakis and Sotiris Kitrilakis ------- 206

The Artisanal and Regional Cheeses of Greece
Diane Kochilas ---------- 209

Fresh From the Cow’s Nest: Condensed Milk and Culinary Innovation
Rachel Laudan ---------- 216

The Rise of the Cream Sauce, 1660—1760
Gilly Lehmann ---------- 225

Finnish-American Milk Products in the Northwoods
Yvonne R. Lockwood & William C. Lockwood ------- 232

Names for Milk and Milk Products
Jenny Macarthur ---------- 241

The Milk-tie
Jeremy MacClancy ---------- 248

The Health Hazards of Milk
H. Morrow Brown ---------- 259

The Art of Making Brie de Meaux Fermier
Lizabeth Nicol ---------- 268

Medieval Arab Dairy Products
Charles Perry ---------- 275

Images of Progress: Milk Advertisements in Greece
Ella Petridou ---------- 278

Cheese in Art
Giiian Riley ---------- 287

Animal Husbandry and Other Issues in the Dairy Industry
at the End of the Twentieth Century
Cherry Ripe ---------- 293

Sandesh: An Emblem of Bengaliness
Colleen Taylor Sen ---------- 300

Yoghurt in Iran
Margaret Shaida ---------- 309

The Origins of the New York Dairy Industry
Andrew F. Smith ---------- 315

The Wet-nurse
Raymond Sokolov ---------- 330

Milky Medicine and Magic
Layinka M. Swinburne ---------- 337

More on the Origin and History of the Ice-cream Cone
Robin Weir ---------- 345

Use of Almonds in Late-medieval English Cookery
Caroline Yeldham ---------- 352

La Laiterie de la Reine at Rambouillet
Carolin C. Young ---------- 361

Other Papers Given at the Symposium ----- 379

List of those attending the Symposium ----- 381

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