Edited by Harlan Walker. 335 pages.



Fish in Renaissance Dietary Theory
Ken Albala ---------- 9

Pisces in Britannia.
The Eating and Portrayal of Fish in Roman Britain
Joan P. Alcock ---------- 20

Fish up the Path
Rosemary Barron ---------- 36

The Fishing Industry of the Suisse Romande
A. Blake ---------- 39

Sea Wars,
A Saga of Aquaculture, Salmon, Sea Lice, and Lobsters
Fritz Blank ---------- 45

Fish-Eating in Medieval England
Moira Buxton ---------- 51

Holly Chase ---------- 60

Dying for Caviar
Robert Chenciner ---------- 69

A Quintet of General Points,
Plus a Challenging Statement on Calculating Cooking Times
Alan Davidson ---------- 75

In the Beginning was Fish.
Fish in the Ancient Near East
Janny de Moor ---------- 84

Fish as Food and Symbol in Ancient Rome
Carol A. Dery ---------- 94

Not Just on Fridays
Dorothy Duncan ---------- 116

Meals Aboard Whaleships: Edible? Inedible? Incredible?
K. Dun Gifford ---------- 120

Of Pike (and Pork) Wallowing in Galentine
Constance B. Hieatt ---------- 150

From Lake and Sea.
Goldfish and Mantis Shrimp Sushi
Richard Hosking ---------- 160

A Fish suq in the UAE Desert
Philip Iddison ---------- 163

Sea-Urchins: Ocean Hedgehogs
Mary Wallace Kelsey ---------- 183

From Fresh Water to Salt Water
Nicholas Kurti ---------- 188

Animal Fish and other Confusions
Jenny Macarthur ---------- 191

Pesce Cane.
A Fish Recipe from the Martino Manuscript
David S. McDonald ---------- 197

The Buoyant, Slippery Lipids
of the Snake Mackerels and Orange Roughy
Harold McGee ---------- 205

Little Fish and Large Appetites.
Victorian Whitebait Dinners at Blackwall, Gravesend and Greenwich
Valerie Mars ---------- 210

The Hassar, an Armoured Tropical Fish
Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra ---------- 220

Waterblommetjie, an Unusual Aquatic Food Plane,
New Crop and Cultural Symbol in the Cape of South Africa
Robert W. Pemberton ---------- 223

Medieval Arab Fish: Fresh, Dried and Dyed
Charler Perry ---------- 229

Poke. The Survival and Evolution
of a Traditional Native Food in a Changing, Multi-Cultural Society
Nancy Piianaia ---------- 234

Fish in Art
Gillian Riley ---------- 248

A Carp Wearing Lipstick,
The Role of Fish in Bengali Cuisine and Culture
Joe Roberts and Colleen Taylor Sen ---------- 252

Fish in Afghanistan
Helen J. Saberi ---------- 259

Fish and Chips
Roy Shipperbottom ---------- 264

Seafood on American Menus,
Past and Present, Sacred and Profane
Art Siemering ---------- 274

Scandinavian Ways with Fish
Birgit Siesby ---------- 280

The Salmon of the River Wye
Helen J. Simpson ---------- 283

From Garum to Ketchup,
A Spicy Tale of Two Fish Sauces
Andrew F. Smith ---------- 299

Aquatic Ape Theory,
How Early Did Fish Enter the Diet?
Colin Spencer ---------- 307

Shellfish for the Table, Farmed or Caught?
Nick Turnbull ---------- 315

Pondoland Oysters, South Africa's Wild Coast Catch
Kathie Webber ---------- 320

Fish on the Plate and in the Mind
John Wilkins and Shaun Hill ---------- 324

Symposiasts 1997 ---------- 332

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