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A Collection of New and Useful Recipes
in Every Branch of Cookery (London 1894)

By Liebig's Extract of Meat Company. Facsimile reprint of the English edition of 1894. Justus von Liebig was one of the greatest organic chemists of the nineteenth century. His research into the chemistry of meat, undertaken during his 30-year study of the chemistry of food, led him to conclude that valuable juices in meat should be sealed by roasting at a high temperature before moving to a lower one. Esteemed British cookery author Eliza Acton revised the section on cooking meats in her Modern Cookery for Private Families to reflect Liebig's theories. Her book remained in print over a long period and Leibig's methods were incorporated into the reportoire of English cooks. Liebig's research on beef tea prompted him to begin commercial production, as he felt his "extract of beef" would be a valuable addition to the diet of the poor. The Liebig Company's cookery book put Liebig's principles into practical form, and utilized Liebig's Extract of Beef in nearly every recipe, with the exception of desserts! It was released in many languages with each version featuring recipes tailored to the country. It was first published in Germany in the 1870's, compiled by cookery writer Henriette Davidis, then in Austria, then America (compiled by Maria Parloa). The English edition of 1894 was compiled by the well known cookery writer Hannah Young. 104 pages. Hardcover. Import.

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