Click to enlargeFEEDING A CITY: YORK<br>
The Provision of Food from Roman Times<br>
to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Edited by Eileen White. 1997/98 Leeds Symposia on Food History.


List of Illustrations ---------- 7

Notes on Contributors ---------- 9

Abbreviations ---------- 10

Acknowledgements ---------- 11

C. Anne Wilson ---------- 13

Eileen White, with Allan Hall and Terry O’Connor --- 15

A Brief History of Plant Foods in the City of York
Allan Hall ---------- 23

Bones as Evidence of Meat Production and Distribution in York
T.P. O’Connor ---------- 43

Can we Tell what People Ate in Late Medieval York?
Ann Rycraft ---------- 61

The Food Guilds of York
Peter Brears --------- 79

The Daily Exercise: The Housewife in Elizabethan and Jacobean York
Eileen White ---------- 101

The Domestic Scene
Eileen White ---------- 123

Reproduction Pottery for Use in Historical Cooking:
Some Problems for the Potter — a Personal View
John Hudson ---------- 139

York and the Gentry: The York Season and the Country House
Peter Brears ---------- 150

Continuity and Change
Eileen White ---------- 169

Rebirth and Growth: Nineteenth-century York
Hugh Murray ---------- 187

Poverty and Policy: The Rowntree Study of 1899
Laura Mason ---------- 203

The Emergence of the Confectionery Industry in York
Bill Taylor ---------- 213

Cooks and their Books: Four York Manuscripts
Ann Rycraft ---------- 231

York Ham and other 'Regional' Foods
Laura Mason ---------- 237

Photographic Acknowledgements ---------- 256

Index ---------- 257

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The Leeds Symposium on Food History & Traditions
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