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or, The Cook, Housekeeper’s and Gardiner’s Companion (London 1756)

By Martha Bradley of Bath. This compendium of cookery, gardening, animal care, and medicine was written in the format of monthly calendars and published in two giant volumes in 1756/57. Little is known about Martha Bradley other than she is believed to have been a professional cook. She favored the newest French cooking style of the 1730’s which featured light, clean flavors, but was not above preferring a ‘plain’ English recipe if she felt it was better. She borrowed heavily from other cookbooks but always improved the recipes in some way, often providing insightful comments and offering balanced appraisals of the merits of one dish versus another. Volume I contains the month of January, plus a modern introduction tying the book to its sources and discussing its place in 18th century cookery writing. Volume II contains the months of February & March, Volume III April & May, &c. Facsimile reprint. All are softcover and imported from the UK. Each volume is approx. 200 - 250 pages. Purchase the complete 6 volume set and save 15%. SHIPPING NOTE: The Acanthus Books shipping calculator does not estimate shipping cost correctly for the six-volume set. Shipping cost for the 6-volume set will be at actual cost based on packed weight and your chosen shipping method, we'll email you a shipping estimate prior to processing your order.

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THE BRITISH HOUSEWIFE (London 1756) 6 vol set
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The British Housewife, Vol. I
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The British Housewife, Vol. II
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The British Housewife, Vol. III
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The British Housewife, Vol. IV
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The British Housewife, Vol. V
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The British Housewife, Vol. VI
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